‘The baker is judging his own bread again?’

Financial Journal

‘Safety at risk from shortages at NVWA’

The business community is burdened by government regulatory burdens. But what if the controlling body cannot perform most of its duties? Then all these rules turn out to exist only on paper.

On 100 out of 153 tasks, NVWA is failing, but with NVWA floored, has the food industry failed? All of us, even in 2019, have never been healthier and our food has never been safer. So what is the impact of a regulatory body on food safety, even if it fails?

Isn’t this the time for the food industry to pick up the gauntlet and go back to self-regulation? Consumer confidence in food is on the rise again. Through transparency in the chain, consumers are once again looking over the shoulder of the food industry.

It is up to the consumer to judge the butcher, the baker and the greengrocer on what they prepare in terms of food and contribute to a sustainable world (higher biodiversity and animal welfare, less deforestation and poverty). In short, is it time again for the baker to judge his own bread?