Industrial Marketing in BtB Food

IFFI Executive Program

‘Value Creation and Pricing’

Many times industrial marketers in the food industry rely on their “training on the job” experiences than they could rely on their studies. To boost the marketing skills of industrial marketers, IFFI – business network of food ingredient producers – has organized a special executive program. Under the rubric of “Transforming Markets, Enabling Sales,” participants gained strategic marketing insights and then applied them to their own business context.

According to Jan Jr. Klerken, executive director of Scelta Mushrooms:
‘Actually, every food ingredient sales manager should follow both modules of the Industrial Marketing & Sales program. But then combined, whereby strategic market insights are integrated with tactical sales techniques. In short, both Value Creation and Value Selling in one and the same executive program for sales managers in B-t-B food.’

In addition to valuing technical aspects such as taste, texture or shelf life, less tangible aspects of food such as environment, biodiversity or animal welfare were also addressed. If Mother Earth sends us a bill for the extinction of the Sumatran rhino or the Orangutan in Borneo what should the price of margarine be? In other words, what would the price of food be if the food industry sold a sustainable world instead of just food?