E-Commerce in BtB Food

IFFI Masterclass

‘The New Normal in Food’

Commercial managers were introduced to digital technologies and online sales and marketing best practices. Now that COVID-19 has been with us for almost a year, it is becoming all too clear that sales and marketing managers need to be skilled in online sales, marketing and innovation for the longer term. The New Normal has also been gaining momentum in the business-to-business environment of the international food industry.

How do you conduct an online conversation with your client’s procurement team with the goal of implementing a price increase? How do you steer this online meeting in your favor? Even team members whom you, as a manager, have not spoken to for six months feel “emotionally disconnected. How do you coach your team members online and make them feel connected again? Or how do you execute an innovation process in an online meeting with your client’s innovation team? In what ways can you still make progress on innovation projects with customers, regardless of the phase the project is in?

In this online master class, trainers, consultants and digital experts provided participants with the perspective to continue their collaboration with customers online in the near future. And did the commercial managers of this ‘pop up’ masterclass become proficient in Online Selling, Remote Coaching and Online Innovation.