Pilot Facility for Process Technology

Zernike Advanced Processing (ZAP) Facility

Consultancy assignment for Hanzehogeschool
Part-time for 6 months in Groningen!

Key points of the Mission are:

  • To define an outline process technology pilot facility that meets the needs of the manufacturing industry;
  • Put together an outline innovation, education and demonstration program that meets the research and training needs of the industry;
  • To propose a supportive partnership with a financial intent obtained for this purpose from the participating Enterprises, Research and Educational Institutions (the 3 O’s).

Characteristics of the Candidate are:

  • Proven track record of similar assignments in the agri-food sector, realizing multi-year partnerships between the 3 O’s;
  • Knowledge and experience of working with multi-disciplinary teams and internal / external stakeholders;
  • Insider in the industry, able to leverage his/her network for the success of the assignment.

About the client