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IFFI – Ingredients For Food Innovators – het business netwerk van de Nederlandse foodingrediënteindustrie. ‘The currency of real networking is generosity’. Wanneer ga je deelnemen?   

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  • IFFI Event 5 november 2021
    Industry event – for food ingredient executives The post IFFI Event appeared first on IFFI.
  • Sustainable Food Production 7 oktober 2021
    Masterclass – for operations executives The post Sustainable Food Production appeared first on IFFI.
  • Digital Factories 15 september 2021
    Network meeting – for operation executives The post Digital Factories appeared first on IFFI.
  • True Price of Food 1 juli 2021
    Executive Council meeting - EC Members Only The post True Price of Food appeared first on IFFI.
  • Food Technology 2021 16 juni 2021
    Industry event – for operation executives The post Food Technology 2021 appeared first on IFFI.
  • Value Based Selling 20 mei 2021
    Online masterclass – for sales executives The post Value Based Selling appeared first on IFFI.
  • Online Account and Distribution Management 14 april 2021
    Online network meeting – for commercial executives The post Online Account and Distribution Management appeared first on IFFI.
  • Consumer Centricity 18 maart 2021
    Online masterclass – for innovation executives The post Consumer Centricity appeared first on IFFI.