‘Chemistry as a solution for more sustainable food production?’

Netherlands Foodcountry

‘The term ‘chemical’ takes some time to get used to’

An interesting article in which prof. Tiny van Boekel asks himself whether it isn’t a better option to create vanilla in a chemical way when producing sustainable food. Everyone by now agrees that the natural, ‘traditional’ production methods lead to the biggest negative effects on climate, environment and biodiversity. Discouraging the consumption of vanilla is one solution, producing it in a biochemical way is another.

They yearly strawberry harvest in the entirety of the united states of America is enough to feed New York with strawberry flavor for just one day. With the help of chemistry we found a way to develop strawberry flavor in another way. Imagine what the world would look like if we would have had to harvest strawberries from all over the world?

According to Prof. Tiny van Boekel, the term ‘chemical’ takes some time to get used to, but itsn’t nature also full of chemistry? Isn’t it Rosanne Hertzberger and many others who remind us of the latter? Even vitamin C has an E-number. And why not, ‘E’ stands for edible, meaning the ingredient, the additive if you will, has been found edible and has been thoroughly examined before being approved edible.

In short, chemistry as the solution to more sustainable food production?